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    • January 11, 2021 "Diamond Shapes"
      "Diamond Shapes"

      Ever go into an establishment or find an online company with your soon to be, and she states that she wants to see an oval, round, emerald cut, etc. to see what she likes best? Or maybe she says, “Well, an oval shape is so popular now!” Will it still be five years from now or is it a trend? An easier “less is more” approach to this enigma should be more organic. A round is, and always will be the most popular. If you want sheer timeless brilliance, round is your shape. If you want more of a bang for the buck? Ovals and pears work great! For super classic and elegant, an emerald cut or Asscher should suffice. Let’s say you have shorter fingers, then go with princess, round, or even square cushion brilliant cuts. The point is, I could go on and on about the illusions that some shapes provide or trends that are popular now, or even that have stood the test of time. Choosing the shape of your desired diamond should be similar to shopping for clothes. Look at shapes that complement your hands best. Choose what you really love and not what’s on everyone else’s finger or social media page. 

    • January 11, 2021 "Diamond Color"
      "Diamond Color"

      This is another “C” that gets noticed quickly with diamonds. Hell, there was a time when people just went for a massive diamond, not regarding the importance of color. Technically, you can play with fluorescence while having a low color grade to make up for some savings or metal tone to hide some yellow tint. And if you want to truly see the difference, place the diamond upside down at an angle, against a white background. You can’t hide the difference now. But in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather buy the diamond without splitting hairs. An “F” in color looks better on paper than a “G.” But are you really going to see a cost savings when compared side by side within all the lighting variances?

    • January 11, 2021 "Diamond Clarity"
      "Diamond Clarity"

      The infamous clarity grade of the four C’s. Go into an ultra, high-end place and they will tell you VVS or better. Big retail establishments could go one of many ways. Small entities can sometimes tell you what you want to hear and sprinkle it with a shade of great service. Savvy guys with 20+ years of experience such as myself, would tell you to go the “less is more” route;) See the picture of crystal-clear water above? Would you pay for that koi fish by that rock? I know I wouldn’t. That’s because I don’t see it and why would I pay for something that I don’t see? Pay for what you can see and not what you don’t.

    • January 11, 2021 "Diamond Cut"
      "Diamond Cut" Ahhh yes, the infamous 4 C’s and what to look for in your extensive research. Well I must say, this is the most important “C” of the 4. And by all means, check out the added URL if you want to get super technical in your research. But I’d like to introduce you to the “less is more” approach on the Cut of a diamond. Not to confuse wiith the shape of the diamond. Amongst all the percentages, polish, symmetry, cut grade etc. etc. and hours of etc. In that lengthy window of time, we could converse over a tasty glass of bourbon and simply look at your diamond in a shaded area, warm room lighting, and natural lighting. Simply put, if it pops back at you, your cut needs are where they need to be period.