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 “Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Thanks for visiting my new, “less is more” approach to finding or gaining knowledge of the perfect engagement ring and or diamond for your soon-to-be!” As you can see, I have some very stylish and fun jewelry to choose from, for any last-minute occasion. 

I got into this business in 1999 and have been doing it ever since. I have extensive GIA and DCA training as well as many years of training individuals to attain their goals. I owned a business that helped create the perfect wedding proposal after securing the perfect engagement ring. Whether it's working for a 30 million dollar plus flagship, being a buyer, small family jewelers, big-box retailer, private consultation, or online entities. Seeing every smoke and mirror has shown me what path not to lead a client down. I sometimes would cringe when hearing some of the most outlandish claims just to get a client to buy!
I started in a small city and eventually got recruited as a sales manager for one of the oldest luxury firms. When that firm that recruited me went belly up, I partnered up with a buddy and created Decent Proposal “let us engage you”. We met with clients across the board and helped create the perfect wedding proposal as well as select their perfect design. We also imported diamonds for package pricing. When our funds ran out, I had to go back into working for a brick “n” mortar companies. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the process involved in creating that master piece. "We focus on you, so you can concentrate on her."

Whether you are doing your online research, visiting a brick “n” mortar, or going through an online e-tailer. There will always be smoke “n” mirrors you will encounter. And I highly encourage you to do your due diligence in the meantime. However, I promise that I can make life so much simpler for you. So much to the point of you scratching your head and thinking…”Is it that easy?” In the meantime, please have a look at some of my personal favorites that are custom-made to add to your collection.