3 times a charm referral!


As passionate as we are about our clients & designs, we always want to say thank you for entrusting us with your business. So we cultivated the most benefitting referral program.
When you purchase one of our trend-setting designs or custom made engagement rings, you will be enrolled in our "3 times a charm referral" program. Just by merely mentioning "JaemsAnthony" as your Go-To Jewelry Designer, you could receive referral cash! Think of making at-least $100.00 in 15 seconds as your very easy side hustle:) Minimum purchase of $1,500.00. And you can always gift your referral to your referral as a special gift instead. After your 3rd referral, it starts over. Trust me, clients have bought their wedding bands with saved up referrals!

1st referral = $100.00 (above the average)

2nd referral = $150.00 (well that's interesting)

3rd referral = $200.00 (@$#% just got real)

Or you may gift your referral to your family, friend or co-worker:)